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Project success comes down to planning and knowledge.  What differentiates us most, is that we have experience in both!

With over 30 years of IT experience backing CompuDev Solutions Engineers with products and venders like Microsoft, VMware, SonicWALL, ESET, Dell, HP, Citrix, Cisco, Datto, and ShoreTel to name a few, we have the expertise to take on pretty much any technology infrastructure related project.

All successful technology projects begin with planning.  We bring our experience and knowledge of IT to the table and then listen to you on what you want done.

To many other IT consultants come to the project table already knowing what is best for you and your company before they every ask you what it is that you want!

As they say, “proper planning prevents poor performance”.  At CompuDev Solutions it is an important part of this planning to get the input of those who are most important – the stakeholders and the end users.

We are involved with clients from the beginning to ensure that the objectives of the project are clearly set before and they are met during implementation of a project.  That way you get exactly what you wanted and paid for.

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